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Cleveland’s Own Fruit-Based Salsas!

In 2017, retired firefighter and paramedic Capt. Ang founded Gourmet Firehouse Salsa in Cleveland, Ohio. Made with all-natural ingredients, our fruit-based salsas are available from mild to hot to suit your heat preference. 

Our salsas and marinades are available in pineapple, mango, peach, and mandarin orange flavor varieties. Each batch is made locally near Cleveland, Ohio with no preservatives and gluten-free ingredients. Place your order for a jar of our fruit-based salsas today. 

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What makes our fruit-based salsa unique?

It gives the warmth of salsa without the bite of tomato-based salsa. It’s a great way to bring the tropics to your table!


How to enjoy our fruit-based salsa?

Our fruit-based salsa can be served as a dip for parties or at home as a snack—or even as a flavor for drinks! Each of our fruit-based salsa varieties brings the heat and sweet to any dish.

Purchase our salsa on our website or at a location near you!

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